Substack -> Ghost
Our New Homepage

Substack -> Ghost

We're leaving Substack in favor of Ghost, in order to get better customization. All of our previous Substack members have been migrated over. We're also using this new setup as our new website homepage.

One benefit for subscribers is that this gives more control over subscriptions. We've split our content into three streams[1]. You can select which you want emails for.

  1. QURI. News/events/updates about the organization.
  2. Software. Updates about Squiggle, Metaforecast, and more.
  3. Research & Ideas. Our more theoretical writings on forecasting and epistemics.

One benefit of this is that it makes it possible to use our newsletter for users of Squiggle Hub and our other tools. Expect to see more announcements here soon!

As always, feedback on these changes is highly appreciated.

[1] It's three because this is what's allowed in our Ghost plan. We'll keep an eye on improvements to this later on.