Ozzie Gooen

Executive Director

Ozzie has a background in programming and research. He previously founded Guesstimate and worked at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford.

Slava Matyuhin

Software Engineer
Slava is a software engineer for Squiggle and Metaforecast. He’s previously done rationalist and EA community organizing and teaching.


Nuño Sempere

Website, EA Forum

Nuño is currently applying forecasting and quantification/evaluation systems to longtermism. He has a background in forecasting and independent research, and was a summer fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute. He also publishes the Forecasting newsletter.

Board Members

Ben Goldhaber

Board Member

Ben is the Director at Far Labs. He previously worked at Google and a variety of forecasting initiatives.

Andrew Critch

Board Member

Andrew is the CEO & Cofounder of Encultured AI. He previously worked as a research fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), an algorithmic trader at Jane Street, and a curriculum developer and cofounder at the Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR). Andrew also founded the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative and cofounded the Summer Program on Applied Rationality and Cognition (SPARC).


Eli Lifland
Research collaborator

Eli is an AI safety researcher, and previously a top Metaculus and Foretell forecaster. He has collaborated with Nuño on various research and practical forecasting projects.

Peter Wildeford

Peter is co-Executive Director of Rethink Priorities.

Misha Yagudin
Research collaborator

Misha is a founding partner at Arb, a research consultancy that has worked for Open Philanthropy, Jacob Steinhardt, and others. He started collaborating with Nuño following their FHI Summer Fellowship.

Previous Contractors & Collaborators

Sam Nolan (EA Forum)

Quinn Dougherty (EA Forum, Website)

Umur Ozkul (LinkedIn)

Nics Olayres

Elizabeth Van Nostrand