Squiggle 0.8.4

Private Models and UI improvements

We’ve been busy with UI polish and improvements to Squiggle and Squiggle Hub. I imagine the main update here for readers will be Squiggle Hub support for private models.


Note: We skipped v0.8.1 to v0.8.3 due to deployment issues.


Breaking changes

  • This package is now ESM-only
  • Remove Function.declare method (it was never documented and was replaced with annotations in 0.8.0 release)

New features

  • Support for unicode sequences in strings; any JSON that doesn't include null values is now a valid value in Squiggle
  • Apply logarithmic KDE on skewed distributions


New features

  • Playground viewer (and SquiggleViewer component) always shows both variables and the result
  • Comments and strings render as markdown
  • Line wrapping editor setting


  • Error boundary in SquiggleViewer; fatal errors won't crash the entire playground anymore
  • In distribution charts, adjust PDF height on non-linear scales
  • Better log scale error message
  • Swap row/column order in table chart dimension
  • Increase number precision in distribution summary tables

Function chart improvements

  • Pick x scale points equidistantly on a mapped scale for non-linear scales
  • Group numeric function errors (we were already grouping dist function errors, but not numeric)
  • Don't draw cursor lines if cursor is outside of CartesianFrame
  • Floating dist function previews
  • Filter infinite values in dist functions


  • Fix NPM release (0.8.0 didn't include JS files)
  • Don't wrap lambda body in extra {}
  • Correctly indent lambda body
  • Escape quotes in strings
  • Fix capitalized keys formatting in dicts
  • Preserve shorthand entries in dicts


  • GlobeIcon and LockIcon

Squiggle Hub

  • Support for private models
  • Various performance improvements
  • Models are sorted by last updated time
  • /status page with basic statistics
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes

Documentation website

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/quantified-uncertainty/squiggle/compare/@quri/squiggle-components@0.8.0...0.8.1