Ozzie, on the Mutual Understanding Podcast

Hear me ramble on coordination, government, and estimation systems

I recently spoke on the Mutual Understanding podcast. Check out the interview and transcript here:

Ozzie Gooen
Listen now (89 min) | Coordination among 8 billion people is very tough. We're very far away from doing that with the intelligence that we have now, it's incredibly costly to send information to different people and for different people to learn about each other in order to trust each other… we should kind of expect that people will have a lot of trouble coordinating on a b…

This wasn’t very structured, and I think I got sidetracked by the issue of surveilling government officials, a pet idea of mine. But it touched on many of my key emphases about QURI.

It starts with some discussion of Utilitarianism. Looking back, I think I gave very safe, albeit perhaps muted, answers to this section.

We later got into my belief that dramatically better estimations and evaluations could allow for correspondingly better coordination.

Enjoy! Happy to answer any potential questions in the comments below.