Announcing Our Newsletter, The QURI Medley

Announcing Our Newsletter, The QURI Medley

A one-stop shop for both our early takes and polished works

Our team at The Quantified Uncertainty Research is excited to announce the launch of our Substack newsletter, the QURI Medley. We will be using this publication to share a variety of content, including

  1. Short research pieces and minor announcements. Our longer content has been going to the EA Forum and LessWrong, but smaller pieces were previously left out.
  2. Rough/early/hot takes, mostly about topics either close to QURI’s main research, or to effective altruism more generally. I’ve personally spent some time on these in the last few years on my Facebook page, and have been trying to figure out a better medium.
  3. Interviews and discussions about epistemics and effective altruism.
  4. Explainer content, in the form of blog posts or videos, about our ideas and tools.

We recognize that this is a heterogeneous list of content, which is why we are referring to this publication as a "medley." We are still in the experimental phase and plan to reassess our approach in a few months.

As always, we welcome feedback and criticism and encourage our readers to share their thoughts with us. Thank you for your support and interest in our work.

Ozzie Gooen