Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Manager

Berkeley CA / Remote

About QURI

QURI is a nonprofit dedicated to dramatically improving estimation and forecasting using technology. We do this by developing software and doing research. We’re currently focused on scaling estimations regarding philanthropic resources for the benefit of the big-picture future of sentient life.

Right now QURI is made up of Ozzie Gooen and Nuño Sempere, plus multiple contractors. We’re looking to add two to three full-time equivalents in the next 12 months.

About the role

You will help with product and operations development at QURI. Our team is currently made up of a few specialists/theorists, and we could use someone to help keep things together and running smoothly. The details of the specific work will likely depend heavily on the eventual hire; if you are great with product design or community management, then priorities can be shifted accordingly.

What you will be doing

  • Oversee and organize development and maintenance of key QURI software.
  • Run/oversee experiments and forecasting prizes.
  • Communication and education with key Squiggle/Guesstimate/other users. These are primarily effective altruism research and grantmaking organizations. Talk to them and get product feedback.
  • Community management. Set up and manage community forums.
  • Oversee key QURI operations. Taxes, expenses, and management of contractors.

About you

  • Experience managing software projects.
  • Good quantitative abilities. Many of the projects and challenges are quantitative and technical.
  • Able to develop a deep understanding of QURI projects and goals. Ideally, both the big-picture and the small details.
  • Strong conscientiousness. Able to make sure all the small details in the organization are cleanly handled.
  • A passion for improving estimation and/or greater epistemic infrastructure.


Berkeley is fairly strongly preferred.


$80,000 to $150,000, depending on experience.