Full Stack Software Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer

About QURI

QURI is a nonprofit dedicated to dramatically improving estimation and forecasting using technology. We do this by developing software and doing research. We’re currently focused on scaling estimations regarding philanthropic resources for the benefit of the big-picture future of sentient life.

Right now QURI is made up of Ozzie Gooen and Nuño Sempere, plus multiple contractors. We’re looking to add two to three full-time equivalents in the next 12 months.

About the stack

  • Rescript for the Squiggle language and other key applications.
  • Typescript for the frontend and web servers.
  • React, Vega, D3, TailwindCSS, GraphQL, Node.js, NextJS, PostgreSQL, Netlify, Heroku.
  • Mostly open-source and MIT-licensed.

About the role

QURI manages several small web applications. The main one is Squiggle. There’s a lot of frontend development to do, a good amount of programming languages and numeric work to do, and some server backends to implement and maintain.

This position will likely be around 70% frontend work. If you could help with language development and/or scientific programming that would be terrific but not necessary.

Familiarity with estimation and probability is highly useful but not required.

We’re a small team. You’d be expected to take ownership over substantial parts of the stack quickly. You’ll be responsible for both designing and implementing new features. We work with various contractors, so you might be tasked with managing remote contractors. We’re happy for outsourceable work to be delegated.

Potential tasks

  • Squiggle
    • Experiment with and implement visualizations of different kinds of mathematical abstractions.
    • Create a “Squiggle Hub” for people to upload models and model-based forecasts. This should allow for some models to import the results of other models.
    • Implement Squiggle functionality into many other tools, like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Obsidian, and external forecasting platforms.
  • Experiments
    • Support backends for researcher-driven experiments around eliciting and aggregating complex estimations.
  • Metaforecast, Foretold.io, Guesstimate
    • Oversee and perform development and maintenance.
    • Note: Guesstimate is not yet a part of QURI, but is likely to be later on.

About you

  • Strong Javascript generalist software engineering skills. Can build full-stack applications from scratch and maintain them. This likely requires 1-2+ years of experience.
  • Can quickly prototype and deploy functionality.
  • A passion for improving estimation and/or greater epistemic infrastructure.


Berkeley is preferred, but remote can work for particularly strong candidates.


$80,000 to $140,000, depending on experience.