The Distinction of Parallel Forecast and QURI

QURI is run by Ozzie Gooen. Ben and Jacob are active board members. There is a separated budget within QURI designated for Parallel Forecasting ventures that is managed by Ben and Jacob, but is currently inactive. Projects on this website refer to the new work by Ozzie. Donations to QURI, unless specifically designated for Parallel Forecast, will go to the general budget managed by Ozzie.


  • Ozzie Gooen makes Guesstimate and gets interested in experimentation and forecasting.


  • Ben Goldhaber and Jacob Lagerros begin work on Parallel Forecast.
  • Ozzie Gooen joins the Future of Humanity Institute, and begins research on forecasting there.


  • QURI is established with the purpose of facilitating future projects by Parallel Forecast and Ozzie Gooen.


  • QURI gets 501(c)(3) status.
  • QURI collaborated Epidemic Forecasting on operational assistance, judgemental forecasting, and funding.
  • Ozzie leaves the Future of Humanity Institute to work on QURI work full-time.
  • QURI from the Survival and Flourishing Fund.